O’ you lost and forgotten child,
cup of memory from a time more mild.
When winter’s chill was not yet come,
you were born and placed in the album.
There you waited, your story unwritten,
blind and lost as a newborn kitten.
Will you join us as we explore the past?
Remember the forgotten, their part recast.
While the spring winds blow and thunders clash
Help us mix the Autumn Ash.

Greg Henry created this one, methinks,
For “Savory Cocktails“; his great book on drinks.
‘Twas there he introduced this boozy toast to fall,
which I share now with one and all.

To make this drink with poise and with class,
Place these ingredients into your glass,
2 ounces of Scotch, toss in without fear,
I went with Dewar’s Aged 12 year.
1 ounce of Apple brandy brought from the back,
I chose a classic, Laird’s Applejack.
Throw in 1/4 ounce of St. Germain,
2 stabs of orange bitters complete the refrain.
Five cubes of ice and now to stir,
along to the beat of Song 2 by Blur.
Strain in to the expected chilled coupe,
eschewing all garnish, now serve to your group.

The scotch brings a smoke you cannot deny,
while the apple reminds us of autumn and pie.
St. Germain comes with flowers and herbal tones,
while its boozy nature warms up your bones.
Smoky and comforting, a great reminder of fall,
It lives up to the name, Autumn Ash, after all.

I made this drink way back in November,
why I did not publish it, I just can’t remember.
The older I get the more I forget,
Is it better late than never in rhyming couplet?
I cannot say, how to best make amends,
but stay safe, stay hydrated and stay sane, my friends.

I made this drink back in the fall, photographed it and promptly forgot about it, Consider this cocktail in verse my penance in rhyme for the terrible crime of being occasionally absentminded.