Today the sun is shining…on the snow. The good news is, it is slightly above freezing and the road is looking better so maybe tomorrow we can sneak out and let someone else make the coffee. Before I was even out of bed, Laura suggested a new drink and it sounded terrible, but we could do a cool and timely presentation. Today we are going with form over function as we spend yet another day on the farm waiting for life to restart. So, in honor of those who quietly go stir crazy as they wait for the defrost cycle to begin, won’t you join me as we stand and make the Frozen Ice-olation.

This drink was “inspired” by yet another pinterest drink, with no lineage to speak of. Frankly, I’m not even sure if the person who first pinned it even bothered to make the drink. It has very little interest, no real depth of flavor, just a trio of trick ingredients. Honestly, there is no reason to really even make this drink, unless you want to improve on it, which would be easy to do. A little citrus would do a lot to help this one, but we are going to make it as described, sort of. I did not change the ingredients, though it needs some help, but I did mess with the proportions as the original was nearly undrinkable.

Grab your tins and pop in 2 ounces of coconut rum, they called for Malibu, but we are going to use Rumhaven like civilized animals. To that add, 1 ounce of Vanilla Vodka, I chose Corsair Vanilla Bean, 3/4 of an ounce of blue curaçao and 1/2 an ounce of creme of coconut. Toss in some ice cubes and shake well to the beat of Elsa giving that wonderful advice to just “Let it Go“. When well ice-olated, strain over a large cube in a rocks glass. Garnish with icicles freshly gathered from the eaves of your house and pop in a paper straw.

This drink is supremely boring. That blue curaçao is always a clue, like most people, if the drink screams “look at me” it is probably lacking in depth. It really needs some citrus or something to give it some interest, a counterpoint to all that vaguely sweet stuff. As it is, it is all alcohol, but supporting character spirits. So, the good news is, 2 3/4 ounces of alcohol, but it’s kinda like drinking Great Bluedini Kool-Aid, visually stunning but uninteresting on the palate. However, do you see those icicles? That’s is amazing presentation. My first plan was to do a crown of ice fitting for the Night King, but it turns out that wild icicles are hard to wrangle so I ended up with this homage to the Fortress of Solitude in a glass. Maybe next time I will splurge for some domesticated icicles.

I am pretty over this winter weather. I honestly don’t mind the temperatures, I have jackets, love gloves and look amazing in a scarf, but I am sick and tired of this ice and snow. At first it is pretty and peaceful and all that, but after a week, I am done with it. I like to go and these ice covered roads leading to places that aren’t open anyway are getting to me. Still, we are keeping our spirits up, trying to stay productive. I am sure that drinking blue cocktails at 10 AM will help us get a lot done today. I think the boy and I are going to build another set of shelves after discovering that the set we built to hold all the cocktail glasses yesterday pretty well handled the tiki portion of the collection. There is more space, we have more wood, we have the skills and the tools, if we can overcome our apathy, there is nothing that can stop us. I guess I will go have another cup of coffee, drag on my barn clothes and go back out into our frozen wasteland to prove the cold never bothered me anyway. Stay safe, stay hydrated and stay sane, my friends.