All the way from Lima…

Yesterday, my friend, Bob celebrated a birthday, so I figured I’d make a cocktail in his honor using a very special bottle we acquired together. About eight years ago, I had the great pleasure of joining Bob, Michael and Melinda on a grand adventure to the rainforests of Brazil to talk to a man about an A.P. E. Along the way we made a side trip to Lima, Peru which yielded its own adventures and this excellent leather covered bottle of Pisco. Many people pretend to enjoy drinking Pisco straight, as a rite of passage. I’m fairly confident in the amount of hair on my chest so I prefer the actual best use, the Pisco Sour.

It’s a straight forward cocktail, though there are some super complicated recipes out there, trust me and do it the monkey way. 

Step one, go on a grand adventure with friends to procure a bottle of Pisco, bonus points if you can make an interesting trade or meet a nice dog along the way. If this is impractical, many liquor stores can get it for you. Once you have your Pisco add 2 ounces to a shaker with 1 ounce of fresh squeezed lime juice, 1 ounce of simple syrup and 1/2 ounce of aquafaba. Add ice and shake vigorously till your tins get cold. Pop them apart and strain from one tin to the other to remove the ice. Toss the ice out and shake again, just as vigorously, this is your dry shake to build the froth up. Pour into a chilled coupe, add four or five drops of 18-21 Prohibition Aromatic Bitters and drag a bar spoon through them to make a pleasing pattern. Take a picture to share with friends, have a sip, remark on how lovely it is and share with your wife. Gaze deeply into her eyes and realize you just lost your cocktail. Start over and enjoy your second Pisco Sour while she enjoys the first while wishing Bob a very happy birthday!!