Gin & Tonic with Fresh Lilac from the backyard

It’s a nice afternoon, the sun is shining, let’s have a simple, but refreshing cocktail, the classic gin and tonic. I’ve seen many variations in this, some with citrus, some with crazy bitters, but after Barcelona last year I’ve decided that simpler is better on this one. Today I went for 2 ounces of Corsair Artisan Distillery barrel-aged gin over ice and two drops of lavender bitters over ice topped with Fever Tree tonic water. I always pour the tonic down the handle of a barspoon, cause it looks cool and feels fancy. Speaking of fancy, I popped into the backyard and picked a sprig of fresh lilac, which smells amazing, for garnish. So there you go, a cocktail so simple it’s barely a cocktail, but so damned good, your partner will take a sip to try it and never give it back, so go ahead and make two. Stay home, stay safe, stay hydrated.