I had other plans for tonight’s cocktail, but then I saw one that I absolutely could not resist. My friend, Joe Dougherty is a true cocktail connoisseur who has introduced me to many amazing drinks and helped inspire me to not just read and learn about them but to make my own cocktails at home. If you want to see what a pro does when he shares his cocktails from quarantine check out @bitterbotwin on Instagram. Truly amazing stuff, follow him, salivate over his amazing photography and drinks, come to Corsair Artisan Distillery (when it reopens to the public) and have him make an amazing drink for you. Anyway, he has turned me on to some really great stuff and shares my penchant for tiki drinks, so when he shared his “Lauwiliwilinukunuku’oi’oi” I just knew I had to make it. It’s a bit of a mouthful to say or type and he instructs you to “pour into a fun vessel” so I’m gonna take that to heart and rename my version of this one, “Speaking in Tongues”, for convenience sake.

It is a super simple drink, for a tiki concoction. Grab your tins and add 2 ounces of dark rum, I went with Smith + Cross Navy Strength, it has this amazing banana “funk” that really works for me. 3/4 ounce of fresh squeezed lemon juice and 3/4 ounce of pineapple juice, half an ounce of orgeat and 2-3 stabs of Peychaud’s bitters and you are ready to shake. Shake it hard, cause it’s fun. If you want to crank up Talking Heads and do a little dance in the kitchen while you shake, that is perfectly acceptable. 

Next step is to grab your fun vessel. Some of y’all who have been with me for a longtime may recognize this “holy grail” of tiki glasses from various productions of Jesus Christ Superstar, Cotton Patch Gospel and Godspell that I’ve been involved with over the years. I’m just saying that this “fun vessel” has more time on stage than a lot of theatre majors and it deserves a chance to unwind. Joe’s recipe calls for a free pour into the vessel, but I had some of that Sonic pebble ice burning a hole in my freezer, so fill your vessel with that and strain your drink into it before garnishing with a couple of swell umbrellas, a luxardo cherry and a reusable straw. 

Now, take a moment to be thankful and consecrate this cocktail to the nourishment of your spirit. Take a sip and feel your worldly concerns begin to slip away. Feel gratitude for the folks in your life, like Joe, who take the time to learn about the cool things and share them with you, in fact raise that fun vessel, in their honor. Just be careful, because the second or third one will definitely have you Speaking in Tongues. Stay safe, stay hydrated and stay sane, my friends.