The Thirteen Drinks of Halloween 2020 – Six

Six days into The Thirteen Drinks of Halloween and we are revisiting a childhood friend, repackaged for adults, with limited success. There’s a vampire, of sorts, so protect ya neck as we stand and make the Cereal Killer. 

There are lots of cocktails with this name, with at least as many recipes. This is my take on a recipe that kept popping up on social media recently, but was decidedly not tasty. So, we are gonna sexy it up a bit, change it’s name and see what happens. 
This is another of those drinks you needed to start yesterday, so hop in your wayback machine and set the dials to breakfast yestermorn. Make yourself a big bowl of Count Chocula, with toast and orange juice if the old “balanced breakfast” pictures are to be believed, and enjoy it as best you can. When you are finished, pour 3-4 ounces of milk in a sealable vessel, add an appropriate amount of cereal, stir well and pop it in the fridge to infuse overnight. The next morning, strain out the cereal solids and you are ready to go.

Grab your mixing pitcher and pop in 1 ounce of Deadhead Chocolate Rum, 2 ounces of Count Chocula infused milk and half an ounce of the sweet syrup your Luxardo Cherries are swimming in. Add ice and stir briskly to the beat of Rob Zombie’s “Living Dead Girl“. Strain into something a cartoon vampire would have laying around the castle and garnish with the dry cereal, knowing it will be milk-logged, soggy and yucky looking moments later. 

I love the idea of this one, not as crazy about the actual execution. There is nothing wrong with it, the concept is solid, but there are better ways to burn your liquor. For that matter, there are better ways to burn your cereal milk, so all is not lost. Take your remaining milk and make yourself a Count Choculatte. That’s right, a latte with cereal milk. It’s a thing, look it up. It’s also a way better use of your milk than wasting it in this drink

While you’ve got that wayback machine out, you might want to pop back to the 70’s or 80’s to get some vintage Count Chocula. That recipe has changed and not for the better. While you are there seek out the whole gang. Sure, you can still get the Count, FrankenBerry and Boo-Berry, seasonally, but what about Fruit Brute and Yummy Mummy. I could go for a little Yummy Mummy right now. Whatever cereal you choose, use it to make a latte, throw your rum in there if you want, I’m not judging. Well, I am, but mostly just judging myself for choosing to share yet another “not great” Halloween cocktail. Maybe, I’ll do better tomorrow. Maybe. Till then, stay safe, stay hydrated and stay spooky my friends.