“Sometimes, you just need a little pick me up, something quick, easy and tasty. Can’t you understand that?” he said, the exasperation clear in his voice. “Why has it always got to be a thing? It doesn’t have to be so complicated. Just make a drink, tell people how to do it. Throw in a little history,” at this his eyes met mine as he continued, “history about the drink. None of that other stuff. Just make drinks and stay in your lane.” I rankled at that last bit. Anyone can copy recipes from books or internet sites, but keen insights on the events of the day, hiding within cocktail posts? Thats kind of my thing. I tell stories, they aren’t always good ones, but I tell them, nonetheless. It was at that moment that I decided, fuck that guy, I am gone do it my way and let those chips fall where they may. Besides, with an attitude like that he’s hardly connoisseur, not worthy of what we have here. This is clearly the good stuff. So in the spirit of going your own way, won’t you please join me now as we stand and make the DTC Coffee Tonic.

Who’s up for a breakfast drink? There are days that call for that. Not sure this is one of them but I am going to go with it. No big history here, this one comes straight from the good folks at Drambuie. They feature it on their website in an attempt to sell even more bottles than they already do of their heather honey liqueur nectar. They market it as a Drambuie Tonic Café, but I prefer the less formal DTC. I am a fan of espresso tonics, especially with meyer lemon juice and maple syrup. This one doesn’t have those, but I am trying to be relatable by sharing something personal. So what does this one have? Glad you asked.

We are building this one in the glass so grab one of those tall ones. You might as well crank up a little music to build by, may I suggest “Starfish and Coffee” by Prince? I’m feeling a little funky and that song just gives me joy, puts a smile beneath my nose. Yeah, that’s better, so pop in 2 ounces of that wonderful Drambuie, add some of those artisanal ice cubes and top with 4-6 ounces of tonic water. I went with Q Tonic, if you want to know why, do your own research. But do some real research. Go to libraries, read peer-reviewed papers, meet with unnamed sources in dark parking lots to get leads that can be backed up with credible sources. There is a lot more to finding the truth, than watching youtube videos of people explaining why it goes so much deeper than the fact that Q Tonic Water was on sale at Kroger and I did not want to waste my Fever Tree Mediterranean blend trying out a new recipe. To be fair, this time you could actually follow the money and come to something near the truth. Sorry, where were we? Oh yes, we had 1 part of Drambuie in the bottom of the glass with 2 parts of tonic water on top of that, unstirred. Now for the fun part, pull a short espresso shot and pour it right in the top, slowly. Isn’t that lovely? Garnish with a fresh lemon wheel and serve with a paper straw.

Obviously, this one wants for stirring, but I do love that layered look. Oddly once you stir this one it looks remarkably like an iced tea, which could come in handy for those morning Zoom meetings. Of course, it does have a head on it, that might give away the fact that something odd is going on, but they probably aren’t watching that closely. While it might not be work compatible, it is perfectly lovely. A wonderful blend of bitter espresso, sweetened with that herbal honey liqueur. Plus, it has bubbles. People love bubbles. Yep, I like this one. You could say I am down with DTC. Yeah, you know me.

Enjoy the drink, I am going to have mine and dance around the kitchen. If you think day drinking is fun and brunch drinks divine, you should try pre-brekkies tippling. It makes the day so much more interesting, especially with Prince supplying the soundtrack. Seriously, Starfish and Coffee just does it for me. So does Tonic water and coffee, especially with Drambuie added. Stay safe, stay hydrated and stay sane, my friends.