Ever just wake up in a bad mood? I do all the time. I did it today. No good reason, I slept well with a roof over me in a comfy bed, love of my life beside me and my wee little scrap of a man snoring gently in his room. Still, something about today just hits me wrong. I don’t care for the cut of it’s jib, the way it wears that stupid hat. You know how it is. I am used to managing my idiosyncrasies, so we are gonna muddle through as we stand and make The Ghosts of Black’s Beach. 

I am dubious about this one. Intrigued but dubious. I like everything in this drink, really like these ingredients. It is very simple though, too simple…. Well, too simple for a tiki drink anyway. I know I am inclined to be more critical today, so I chose a drink that I’m not sure about. No use wasting something amazing on a meh day. 

This one originated at The Cat Eye Club in San Diego and I have no idea how it got its name. I do know that Black’s Beach is famous for its surfing and was the country’s first nude beach. While there are lots of clothing optional places to get sand in your whatever you wish now, this was the first where it was all legal and specified. Yes, I know any beach is a nude beach when the moon is shining down on you and the rum is flowing, but this is one of those walk around naked during the day beaches. Anyway, that is the beach, I will leave the ghosts to your speculation. I’ve never been there, so we can rule out the ghost of my decidedly average dignity. Let’s make this thing. 

Grab your tins and pop in 2 ounces of Jamaican Rum, I went with Smith + Cross; 3/4 of an ounce of fresh squeezed lemon juice, a scant 1/4 ounce of Taylor’s Velvet Falernum and a scant 1/4 ounce of Dom Benedictine. Add ice and shake well to the beat of “When Doves Cry“ but just up to the part where he starts singing, at that point, break your tins open and strain into something fun over crushed ice; but don’t stop dancing. Never stop dancing. You may have to bring it in a little as you mound up some more ice and garnish with some flowers from the garden, a mint sprig over a lemon moon, maybe even grate some nutmeg on there, but keep the beat going while you do it. 

It’s a pretty drink, it’s a tasty enough drink. It is not an interesting drink. Yeah, I’m bummed too. I was counting on that Benedictine and falernum to elevate this one, but it is kinda nondescript. Good thing we have Prince to help us through. 

That’s the key with these kind of days, finding things to help get through. I knew I was poor company, so after smiling my way through the farmer’s market this morning I came home and did chores while the wife and boy ran to the library and the grocery. Well I did some chores and I played some video games and I read and I listened to my music way too loud, you know, as one does. Whatever it takes to get through the rough days and like I said, I woke up with my family in our house, a lot of folks don’t get that. My day ain’t all that bad, it’s just like this drink, full of potential, but not terribly interesting. I can live with that. Stay safe, stay hydrated and stay sane, my friends.