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Applejack Rabbit

We’ve been out playing in the rain, so I was looking for something cool to drink but with a warm feeling. Yeah, that doesn’t make sense, I recognize that. Maybe it will work out, maybe it won’t. I guess we will find out soon. So, please join me as we make the Applejack Rabbit. 

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Pan American Clipper

As Moss would say, “Did you see that ludicrous display last night?” I figure we could all use a drink after that. Something tasty, maybe a bit exotic, well, not actually exotic, but something with a faux nostalgic feeling for a bygone era when travel was an adventure and you could still actually do it. When a trip to Europe passed from New York through Newfoundland to the Azores and on to Lisbon, landing in the water in one of those amazing planes of yesteryear, with crystal in the dining room and sleeper berths. So, join me now as we stand and make the Pan American Clipper.

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Pink Lady

I like old movies, a lot. There are whole periods of my life when I didn’t sleep much and mostly spent my nights watching them. Not just the classics, but the mid-range stuff too. Hours spent learning how to be a fella from Bogart, Cary Grant, Clark Gable, Errol Flynn, Jose Ferrer. It is crazy how much influence movies and books from your formative years have on who you become, or at least who you try to become. There are a handful of these films that are truly old friends. Those few ragged VHS tapes that traveled with me, always ready to keep me company at 2:57 AM. Liam has “a thing” with 3 minutes later than that so I had to change the time to mollify him. One of those came to mind the other night as I was thinking about drinks, so join me as we stand and make the Pink Lady.

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My Shot : An Alexander Hamilton Cocktail

You know what day it is! You know what time it is! You could’ve been anywhere in the world, but you are right here, on your couch watching the premiere of Hamilton. In honor of this auspicious occasion I typed Hamilton cocktail into google and this is what they sent back. So join me as we stand and make My Shot: An Alexander Hamilton Cocktail. 

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12 Mile Limit

When this all started I didn’t realize how picking a drink to make would be such a challenge. I just kinda wanted to practice making drinks. It has evolved into making things I’ve always wanted to try and, honestly, trying to not make a tiki drink every night. The thing is, I don’t really have a plan, I just make whatever strikes my fancy, usually inspired by whatever is on my mind, and today, I’ve been thinking about my friend, West Coast Jenn. So, in her honor we are making the 12 Mile Limit. 

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Jack Rose

I was reading about prohibition cocktails the other night and ran across another I had forgotten about. Hemingway mentions it in The Sun Also Rises and honestly, I want to try pretty much anything he writes about and I want to drink anywhere he drank. It’s funny, but I remember years ago reading one of his passages about trout fishing and drinking white wine straight from the bottle that had been chilling in the stream and it made me want that. Not just the drink, but the whole experience. He was one of the first writers who connected to that inner drive, who tapped those desires with his spot on descriptions. Honestly, I would probably not list Hemingway as a favorite author or human, but when it comes to describing experiences, I doff my fine cap to this master. And always drink at an old Hemingway hang out when you get the chance, they usually have a certain air of carefree disreputability that you need in your life. Anyway, the drink harkens back to the early days of cocktails with its brandy-esque base and it gave me an excuse to get a bottle of Applejack so I figured, why not. Time to kick off your shoes and look at your mixing station with a certain world weary grizzledness as we construct the Jack Rose. 

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