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Iron Ranger

I read about drinks, a lot. I love looking at a recipe, imagining how it’s going to come together, trying to figure out how the ingredients are going to play together. Reading about drinks often leads to reading about bars, which leads to lists of places to go and trips centered around a single drink. Since we are safe at home for a bit, I decided to make a drink I’ve wanted to try for a while from a bar that’s definitely on my must do list. So let’s get into the tiki-esque Iron Ranger from San Diego’s amazing looking, Raised by Wolves.

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Gin Gimlet

Douglas Adams called Sunday afternoon “the long dark teatime of the soul”. It is apt and he explains it perfectly, as he always did, which, in fairness, was his thing. I’ve always felt that Wednesday’s were the weekly equivalent, but I lack his inestimable skills when it comes to communicating through the written word so I’ll just phone it in and admit that Wednesday’s got me feeling a bit of the old Ludwig Von Ennui. So when you’re a bit tired and you just want something pure, turn to the simple pleasures and when it comes to cocktails it doesn’t get much more pure and simple than the Gin Gimlet. 

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They say that the best cocktails are always made by someone else and it is true. Laura said that there was no doubt that this was the best cocktail she’s had during our exile and I can’t argue with her. This is the first whiskey cocktail that Laura ever truly enjoyed and is still a favorite of ours. So join us tonight for Corsair Artisan Distillery‘s signature Vesta.

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El Floridita Daiquiri

There’s something about being stuck near home that makes you look back to sunnier times and adventures past. Today’s cocktail is inspired by a great adventure with friends a couple of years ago, walking in Papa Hemingway’s footsteps through the sunny streets of Havana to the air conditioned oasis of El Floridita for their signature Daquiri. 

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Clover Club

This one has been on my mind for a while and this morning Dux Gins & Cocktails Borne shared a wonderful make at home version of it in the best cup ever. If you want to learn to make a better version of this be sure to check out their video. So, when I made my essential curbside liquor pickup today, I popped into Aldi for fresh citrus and some raspberries in order to present, the Clover Club.

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Pisco Sour

All the way from Lima…

Yesterday, my friend, Bob celebrated a birthday, so I figured I’d make a cocktail in his honor using a very special bottle we acquired together. About eight years ago, I had the great pleasure of joining Bob, Michael and Melinda on a grand adventure to the rainforests of Brazil to talk to a man about an A.P. E. Along the way we made a side trip to Lima, Peru which yielded its own adventures and this excellent leather covered bottle of Pisco. Many people pretend to enjoy drinking Pisco straight, as a rite of passage. I’m fairly confident in the amount of hair on my chest so I prefer the actual best use, the Pisco Sour.

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Spanish Gin & Tonic

G&T: The Hard Way

I’m a big fan of the classic Gin and Tonic, which is funny because I spent most of my formative years hating gin. Turns out I hated cheap gin, but that’s another story for another campfire. Anyway, I took a long bike ride with the kid this afternoon and as I stood in the kitchen slightly sweaty and more than a little butthurt I decided that I need to find a G&T and make it a special one. 

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