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Menta Wray

Today is brain scan day which I will celebrate in the traditional manner, lying very still on the cold table and keeping my eyes closed, as one does. You may have noted that I have mentioned having a headache a few times in the last month or so. You also may not have noted it. I don’t expect folks to read closely, after all there is no test at the end of the course. Not to worry, gentle reader, you will be graded according to the capricious whims of fortune and the insight of your benevolent instructor. Do not fear this fate, it frees you to focus on learning what you wish, taking some lessons and leaving others without fear of reprimand. Not being in control of things can be comforting, if you lean into it and just accept that some things are not going to make sense or be just. To be fair, my attitude is probably affected by my attempt to maintain a zen-like calm as they take a routine look under the hood to make sure that there is nothing more sinister going on in this already not quite normal collections of impulses that serves as my brain. So, in that spirit, won’t you join me as we stand and make the traditional drink of brain scan day, the Menta Wray.

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Nuclear Daiquiri

I grew up during the closing act of the Cold War. A clear idea of who the bad guys were, no doubt that we wore the white hats and had the shining armor. I remember when the Berlin Wall fell. I remember when the Soviet Union split into 15 republics, before those splintered into even more nation states. I recall people celebrating as that world ended, not with the bang we expected, but with a whimper. It wasn’t even clear that it was really over, just one day they weren’t there anymore. I remember my stoic German teacher shaking his head as he reminded me that the world had just gained 15 new nuclear powers, many with a leadership vacuum and that we lived in a much more dangerous and unsure world. That realization hit me. The previous enemy understood the simple risk and complicated peace promised by the balance of mutually assured destruction. Would the new keepers of the keys respect that balance? Do we understand it yet, nearly thirty years on? I don’t know, but it has me thinking today as the snow falls outside, so won’t you please join me as we stand and make the Nuclear Daiquiri.

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Guardian Angel

It’s good to have folks looking out for you, always. None of us gets through alone, we all need help. Honestly, we need to give help, too. It’s symbiotic, as it should be. Let’s make a drink in honor of those folks who make a difference in our lives, often without us even knowing it. Please join me now as we stand and make the Guardian Angel. 

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Pignoli Alexander

It’s been a relatively austere day, so I’m feeling a bit of a craving for something smooth and sweet. I’m all for moderation, in moderation, but sometimes you need a little something special for yourself. So, please join me now as we stand and make the Pignoli Alexander. 

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Fog Cutter

I recognize that no one gives a damn what I am drinking today. Suffice it to say there are much bigger things going on with a lot of things for folks to process as they celebrate or mourn the results of this momentous and record breaking election, so as brevity is the soul of wit, I shall be brief, as we stand and make the Fog Cutter. 

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El Presidente

It is all anyone can think about today. When will we know who won the election for president? Naturally, I am as curious as the next person. I have a keen interest in politics and people and this season has certainly provided any number of distractions. But, I am not sweating it tonight. As I told a friend earlier, this die has been cast, we just haven’t looked under the cup yet. In time, we will know the outcome of Schrödinger’s vote, who got the most in the places where it matters to get those votes. They may monkey with them and argue afterwards, but before too long, we will know what the votes said. Till then, you might as well kick back, enjoy a drink and do your best Alfred E. Neuman. In the interest of keeping things topical, won’t you please join me now, as we stand and make the El Presidente.

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Election Day 2020 – Special Edition

It is Election Day. I suppose it is all over but the crying, now, or at least it will be in a few hours. This election has been hard on everyone. Way too much division. Too many friends fighting over things that really don’t affect their everyday lives. No one knows how things are going to shake out yet, but I hope that every vote cast by eligible voters is counted, without a bunch of divisive infighting. We may disagree on a lot of things, but having an election decided by actually counting the votes should not be one of them. More than anything, I hope that whoever comes up short at the end of the count accepts their loss with dignity and that whoever comes out on top accepts their win with humility. We have been divided on many fronts, but we are one people and neither side can afford to lose the other. Honestly, it is the political parties that are so solidly divided in their visions for our country. When you get down to it, most folks don’t live at the far edges of the spectrum. We are mostly a mix of red values and blue ideas. So, please, won’t you join me now as we stand and make Purple.

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Black Magic

The Thirteen Drinks of Halloween 2020 – Thirteen

Luck is a funny thing. When it shines on you, nothing can stop your efforts, when it turns away, even the simplest plans fall to ruin. I’ve always been a contrarian when it comes to the traditions here. 13 is my lucky number and I have a certain fondness for black cats, which makes today’s final thirteenth drink of Halloween so fitting. Won’t you please join me now as we stand and make a tribute to the tiki classic, Black Magic. 

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Cereal Killer

The Thirteen Drinks of Halloween 2020 – Six

Six days into The Thirteen Drinks of Halloween and we are revisiting a childhood friend, repackaged for adults, with limited success. There’s a vampire, of sorts, so protect ya neck as we stand and make the Cereal Killer. 

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