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So many words. Sometimes they come easily, sometimes it is hard to find the voice, but there are always things that need to be said. I’m not sure what you need to know about me, or what you came here expecting to find. I’m just a monkey with delusions of grandeur who has been wandering around, observing things for a little over half a century now. I have an amazing wife and a great kid who is coming along nearly 40 years behind me. We have traveled the world eating well and drinking better, always on the look out for the next opportunity to learn. I have been in the gourmet food industry for over 30 years running our family business with my brother. When not working, I have made a lifelong study of cocktails and love teaching classes on their history and construction. I have mixed a ton of drinks in my time and regularly consult on bar programs and menus. I write things here for fun and sometimes write things other places for coin. My bona-fides are intact, but it’s really not that complicated. I’m just a human, like you, presumably. If you came here looking for answers, I wish you well, there may be some, but most likely there will just be words…so many words.