One of the cool things about making cocktails from quarantine is having folks reach out with suggestions, requests or just comments, I love to hear how you are enjoying the drinks, or what you are doing to keep sane in this indefinite holding pattern that we call life. This drink is a direct result of my buddy, Matt, suggesting I try Tuaca liqueur. I had never heard of it, but he said it was good, I trust him on these things and I was making a liquor run anyway, so I added a bottle to my curbside pickup and here we are. So, join me as we stand and make, the Honey Wall.

Tuaca is an Italian brandy based caramel liqueur with a lot of vanilla notes. I was not familiar with it, but it is lovely. I have really enjoyed it added to coffee or even in just small sips. I figured I should find a cocktail to use it in, so a quick internet search turned up this riff on a drink created by Dick Bradsell at Downstairs at Alfred’s in London.

This one is super simple, three easy equal parts, stirred with ice. So grab you mixing pitcher and add 1 1/4 ounces each of light rum, I went with Cane Run 12; Tuaca Liqueur and Creme de Cacao. Stir over ice to chill and stain through a julep strainer into something tall. Garnish with a long orange zest. We had just gotten a new channel knife so our beautifully curled orange zest was nearly eight inches long, seriously.

It is sweet, but wow, what a depth of flavor. It has got a lot going on here. Very decadent. The chocolate from the creme de cacao plays so well, with the caramel but the vanilla top note is what really caries this one. Definitely an after dinner thing, a dessert drink, but certainly worth your time. Make it, drink it, be merry, etc. etc. I am glad that Matt decided to share this liqueur with me, my life is enriched. You should share stuff with your friends too, you will both be better for it. Stay safe, stay hydrated and stay sane, my friends.