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Sophisticated Savage

I don’t feel like doing this tonight. I’m as positive as the next guy, assuming the next guy is a dyed in the wool pragmatist who covers his bases before looking home, but I’m not feeling good about things. My faith in humanity is wearing a little thin, so I suppose a drink is in order. Something that rips off the veneer of civilized society and shows is for what we are. Please join me now as we climb up from the muck and make the Sophisticated Savage. 

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Tuaca na nÓg

I am straight up tired y’all. I mean I want to do this drink justice, I want to rail against the dying of the light, but it’s been a seriously long day and my bed is calling. So, let’s skip the foreplay and jump straight into this one. I’ll make it up to you later, promise. Join me now as we stand and make the Tuaca na nÓg. 

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Honey Wall

One of the cool things about making cocktails from quarantine is having folks reach out with suggestions, requests or just comments, I love to hear how you are enjoying the drinks, or what you are doing to keep sane in this indefinite holding pattern that we call life. This drink is a direct result of my buddy, Matt, suggesting I try Tuaca liqueur. I had never heard of it, but he said it was good, I trust him on these things and I was making a liquor run anyway, so I added a bottle to my curbside pickup and here we are. So, join me as we stand and make, the Honey Wall.

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