They say that the best cocktails are always made by someone else and it is true. Laura said that there was no doubt that this was the best cocktail she’s had during our exile and I can’t argue with her. This is the first whiskey cocktail that Laura ever truly enjoyed and is still a favorite of ours. So join us tonight for Corsair Artisan Distillery‘s signature Vesta.

Like most of the things I share this one is super simple to put together if you have access to the ingredients. 

First step is to go online to navigate to the curbside pickup page and select “curbside cocktail kits and supplies”, scroll down till you find the Vesta, we opted for the double. Place in your shopping cart with anything else you might need and checkout, selecting your time for pickup. Don’t forget to add a staff tip or three to your cart.

Step two, at the appointed time show up in your car and roll down the window to be presented with your order. Socialize with them, they are great folks, but don’t dawdle, there’s a pandemic on, you see. Besides, you want to get home and complete the experience.

Step the third, is to unpack your cocktail and assemble according to the instructions included. Basically, shake this with ice and strain into an ice filled glass. Garnish with the cedar paper, which they provide, by lighting it on fire and extinguishing it in the drink. We went a bit off script by adding some fresh rosemary from the garden, but I’m not exactly known for coloring between the lines. Once your drink is assembled enjoy from the comfort of your sofa while taking time to recognize that eternal truth, cocktails really are better when made by someone else. 

Big thanks to our friends at Corsair HQ for doing the heavy lifting on our evening cocktail. The only thing better than a cocktail made by someone else, is one made by friends. Love y’all!