The wife fell in love with the whiskey ginger I made the other night, so I decided to run along those lines and make the wonderfully named, Suffering Bastard. 

This is a tiki drink, which generally means there are several hundred variations and at least 4 different bars that take credit for it. This version is a take on the “original” created at Shepheard’s Hotel in Cairo as a hangover cure. Light and airy, perfect for relaxing on the veranda after a long day exploring the pyramids or expanding colonial stereotypes or whatever you are into.

Grab your shaker and 1 ounce of bourbon, I went with Michter’s American unblended, which is not technically a bourbon, but is really nice. Add 1 ounce of Gin, it’s a rainy day so I grabbed Seattle’s own Mischief, made in a really cool micro distillery in Fremont; an ounce of lime juice, a couple of dashes of Orinoco Aromatic Bitters and you are ready to shake. So do that, vigorously. Double strain into a tall glass with fresh ice and top with 4 ounces of a quality ginger ale. In a nod to Trader Vic’s I gave this one a healthy float of El Guapo Cucumber and Lavender bitters as their stuff can be kinda subtle. Grab some mint from the garden, rinse it off and give it a good slap to release the aroma and garnish before adding a straw. Wander around the house till you see someone you want to make happy and present the drink to them, even if that is you. Stay home, stay safe, stay hydrated and stay sane.