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Peruvian Christmas

The 12 Drinks of Christmas – Fourth Drink

It is about more than giving and getting presents or spending time with the one’s we love. It is about more than street corner Santa’s or the spirit of charity in the air. In many ways, for me, it is about the smallest things. A single lit tree in the yard of the same house I have driven by for the last twenty years. That tree was decorated by someone I have never met, in front of a house I have never visited, but it always makes me smile the first time I drive by and see the lights are there once again. How many of the things we love, those signs of the season that mean it is Christmas, are done each year by strangers? How many of our own decorations or rituals signal that same thing to people we have never met? Like Clarence said, each of us affects so many others, without ever realizing it. It gives one pause. So in that spirit, please join me for the fourth of The 12 Drinks of Christmas. Sing along at home, if you like, because, “For the fourth drink of Christmas, Uncle Monkey made for me, a Peruvian Christmas”.

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Fog Cutter

I recognize that no one gives a damn what I am drinking today. Suffice it to say there are much bigger things going on with a lot of things for folks to process as they celebrate or mourn the results of this momentous and record breaking election, so as brevity is the soul of wit, I shall be brief, as we stand and make the Fog Cutter. 

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Pisco Sour

All the way from Lima…

Yesterday, my friend, Bob celebrated a birthday, so I figured I’d make a cocktail in his honor using a very special bottle we acquired together. About eight years ago, I had the great pleasure of joining Bob, Michael and Melinda on a grand adventure to the rainforests of Brazil to talk to a man about an A.P. E. Along the way we made a side trip to Lima, Peru which yielded its own adventures and this excellent leather covered bottle of Pisco. Many people pretend to enjoy drinking Pisco straight, as a right of passage. I’m fairly confident in the amount of hair on my chest so I prefer the actual best use, the Pisco Sour. 

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