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Japanese Slipper

One of the best parts of getting older is learning just how ignorant you truly were back when you thought you knew it all. That seems to be a recurring theme with me, learning humility, mostly at the hand of my old, cocky self. I miswrote that as old, cocky elf and I really wanted to keep it. To go off on a tangent about that clever little fellow with the pointy ears and prodigious memory who would pop up from time to time, dispensing wisdom, while showing me the follies of the ghosts of former me’s long gone, but not forgotten. There is a great deal of fun to be had there, but I am not feeling up to it narratively today. So, ponder that and mourn the tale that might have been as we stand and make the Japanese Slipper.

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Sometimes you just want to take a break, maybe slip off into dream and awaken after all of the excitement is over. I get that. In years gone by, depression and/or chemistry has helped me nap my way through uncertain times. I don’t miss that, but honestly, I could do with a little less uncertainty. Wouldn’t that be cool? Remember those days when things like the peaceful transfer of power were boring events that most people did not even bother to watch? Seriously, when was the last time, well since Reconstruction, that people waited with bated breath for the certification of the electoral college vote? We need less reality tv manufactured drama before the commercial break and more boring adults doing boring adult things. Or at least, I do. I am tired of this lack of a cohesive narrative that is so crazy that people are deep diving into conspiracy theories just grasping for straws to try to make sense of it all. I guess we shall see if we come together and work on that better world everyone says they want or if we continue to devolve into more of that old time division. So, in the spirit of just wanting to wake up when it is all over, won’t you please join me now as we stand and make the Sedation.

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Witch’s Brew

The Thirteen Drinks of Halloween 2020 – Five

Now, that looks like a properly spooky drink for this fifth installment of The Thirteen Drinks of Halloween. Brats and ghouls of all kinds would be proud to be seen sipping this monstrosity at any of the more fashionable soirees this holiday season, and they would be right. This trifle of a drink is more fun than I expected. So, won’t you please join me now as we stand and make the Witch’s Brew.

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Wolf Bite

The Thirteen Drinks of Halloween 2020 – Three

Here we are, howling into day three of The Thirteen Drinks of Halloween and the next step into our exploration of the spirits of the season. So far, we have made a pretty drink that doesn’t work till you make it ugly and an already macabre classic cocktail. Today we are going to go a little deeper with a drink that appears to be one thing and turns out to be quite another. So, won’t you please join me now as we stand and make, the Wolf’s Bite.

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Horn of the Bulls

It is Saturday, so we have been to the farmers market and we have new goodies. I never know what I am going to make but Saturday’s make it easy, we are drinking whatever the fresh ingredients dictate. Today, we stocked up on purple Cherokee tomatoes to have in bacon sandwiches with fresh sourdough bread and some corn to make elote, which you will see in a drink soon. We also found some wonderful cucumbers for today’s drink. Won’t you join me now as we stand and make Horn of the Bulls. 

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Leg Spreader

A couple of weeks ago we made a Midori Sour. I did not care for it. I lamented that I had never enjoyed a Midori forward cocktail and asked for suggestions. Well, I got one. Tonight’s drink came to me in the form of a picture of a worn index card with a hand-written recipe on it, from an unexpected source, my mother-in-law. I mention that this is odd, for two reasons. Although, I have shared wine and the occasional raspberry lambic with her, I do not think of her as a drinker. The second is the name written at the top of the card. So join me as we stand and make, the Leg Spreader.

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Midori Sour

One of my favorite quotes comes from Oscar Wilde who said “The secret to life is to appreciate the pleasure of being terribly, terribly deceived.” I love that sentiment. The way it looks for the silver lining in a bad situation. It has also made me laugh during some tough times in life. When everything is falling down around you, to remember Oscar Wilde can be a good thing. He was just overflowing with pithy wisdom, I respect and envy that. I like the way it hinges on the word “appreciate”, not “enjoy”, not “love”, but “appreciate”. I try to approach life with an attitude of openness. I have found that most of the more interesting experiences I have had revolved around me saying yes, especially when I say it with some hesitation. So, when I watched a bartender I normally trust and respect extol the virtues of this oft-maligned drink, I said yes. Luckily, I was able to appreciate the pleasure of the experience. So, join me now as we stand and make, the Midori Sour.

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