A hearty dish for the people.

Once again, I come before you, not to entertain and enlighten, but to ask for your support. Although, it makes me a little uncomfortable to be so blatantly self-serving, I feel it is only fair that when I ask for other people to support and promote one of my projects, well, I probably should promote it myself. So, here you go.

I am always experimenting in the kitchen trying to come up with new recipes or new combinations of flavor. Sometimes things turn out pretty well and those I try to share, the failures I chalk up to experience and try to be all zen about, in an Edisonian sort of way. Today’s recipe was a great success, which I have been meaning to share with you for a couple of months, but it took a nudge from a friend to finally get me to write it down.

I discovered Indian food and curry late in life, but I fell in love with the flavor and I am trying to make up for lost time. Lately, I have added it to all kinds of dishes with varying levels of success, but my favorite new curried dish is this midwinter bisque made with sweet potatoes onions, bell pepper and lots of spices.

I first made this to serve at a friend’s gallery open house last fall and have made it several times since then, but I kept forgetting to document things. So last week I made myself focus, grabbed the camera and made a great batch of this bisque, just in time to get snowed in. About that time a friend mentioned that Instructables was having a Homemade Soup Contest that I should enter it, so I did. That’s where you come in.

They will be accepting votes from January 23-26 and the entries with the highest number of votes move on to actual taste testing. I feel good about the quality of my submission and the finished bisque is really tasty and good for you, in order to get into the finals I need your help.  So please, take a moment to visit my Instructable and if you feel it is worthy, I would appreciate your vote.  It also helps if you rate the project, so please help me out, if you can.

As always, I thank you for your support.

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Update:  After I submitted my project for consideration, it was not only accepted for the contest, but they featured it on their site for a day. Pretty exciting, huh?

Bigger update: Not only was it featured, the recipe won First Prize. Thank you all for your support, now go forth and make this soup.