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Thyme to Shine

“She wasn’t good, but she had good intentions,” Lyle sang calmly from the radio above the stove as I thought about what I had done…nearly done, really. Everything had been just right, or so I had thought. Hundreds of times before it had all worked out, but on that night, something was different. The music was right, we had everything we might need at hand, I was being attentive. How could things have gone wrong? Well, not wrong, just not right. I knew it was my fault, it was always my fault, but why? What had I done or not done? Was I being too sweet? Were my moves too enthusiastic? Would I ever find out just what I did wrong? Let’s explore this mystery together as we stand and make the Thyme to Shine.

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The Bitter Clipper

There has been a large rise in “do-it-yourself” projects during “these unprecedented times.” We are no different from the rest of the country, we have redone the back yard, trimmed trees and bushes, made repairs around our house and grandma’s house and our outbuildings and the barn. We have started making our own pastas and breads, drying fruits and vegetables, making candleholders and coasters from old whiskey barrels. It’s funny how making things helps to fill the time. You could make a pretty convincing argument that this whole “Cocktails From Quarantine” series has been a big DIY project. We can’t go to the bars where we would normally enjoy our drinks, so we took matters into our own hands. The point is, there are a lot of folks out there who are doing what they can to make their corner of the world a better place and they are doing it on their own. That is mostly a good thing, so let’s make a drink today that honors the do-it-yourselfers out there, the folks steady crafting their way through 2020. Won’t you, please, join me now, as we stand and make, The Bitter Clipper.

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