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“There’s nothing to it, lad. Just write down some words till you’ve said it all. Easiest thing in the world” he said as he looked out into the coming storm. “I really don’t understand what all the fuss is about. You know what happened, right?” I nodded in agreement. “Then just tell them the thing, like it happened, maybe add a bit here and there for the spice of it.” It sounded so simple. Of course, it did, things always sound easy, but the doing part was harder. He must’ve seen the doubt in my eyes. “Just start out at the beginning, anything to get them going. Look out that window”. “’Twas a dark and stormy night,” he bellowed ”that’s always a good one. Doesn’t matter if it was dark or stormy, you just need to set the tone. To let them know that a story has begun and it’s time to pay attention; and don’t let the truth of the thing get in the way of a good story. The telling, that’s what matters.” I sighed to myself, took my place behind the bar and in a voice as clear as a bell I called out. “Won’t you please join me now as we stand and make the classic Tipperary.”

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Little Italy

The best of wives made homemade lasagna this afternoon. This is important because it is imperative that you understand the difficulties of trying to write through a food induced coma. Dinner was so good, but it doesn’t make you clever, it makes you sleepy. If you can stay awake, please join me now as we stand and make the Little Italy. 

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White Cloud

It’s like an episode Green Acres here today. I didn’t put on my suit, but I did drive the tractor around a bit and we spent a lot more time farming than I had planned on. What’s this got to do with the drink?Well, very little, but we can get into that after you join me as we stand and make the White Cloud. 

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Guardian Angel

It’s good to have folks looking out for you, always. None of us gets through alone, we all need help. Honestly, we need to give help, too. It’s symbiotic, as it should be. Let’s make a drink in honor of those folks who make a difference in our lives, often without us even knowing it. Please join me now as we stand and make the Guardian Angel. 

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It’s definitely autumn. The frost in the mornings, that low angle golden light in the afternoon playing through the falling leaves. You can’t help but think of the bounty of the harvest and, for me, all the apple things. Cider, turnovers, dried slices, apple butter and fine fall cocktails. So, please join me now as we stand and make the Montparnasse. 

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The Avenue

I often worry about unfinished business. It keeps me up at night, which is crazy because, ultimately, we all leave the game with pieces on the table. Plans unfinished, things left unsaid and plenty of stuff we just never got around to, those are the things that worry me. So let’s complete a task as we stand and make The Avenue. 

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Pignoli Alexander

It’s been a relatively austere day, so I’m feeling a bit of a craving for something smooth and sweet. I’m all for moderation, in moderation, but sometimes you need a little something special for yourself. So, please join me now as we stand and make the Pignoli Alexander. 

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Buffala Negra

The local farmer’s market is finished for the season, so I assumed that the days of randomly available ingredient inspired drinks were over, but I was wrong. This morning walking home from grandma’s I noticed that the basil was still doing it’s thing in the side garden, being all hardy and such, and that put me in mind of a drink. So, please join me now as we stand and make the Buffala Negra. 

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Norwegian Paralysis

Stubbornness is not a virtue, but I have it in excess, as anyone who knows me will tell you. I have not felt well the last few days and woke up feeling particularly off this morning After drowning in self pity for a while I got up and got to work on the farm. I really leaned into it figuring if I was gonna feel bad, I might as well get something done. You ever do that? Punish your body for feeling bad for too long? Just me? Ok. Well, now I’m am tired. Proper tired. Arms trembling, pushing water tired, cause I’m stubborn and tired of feeling bad and trying to rest. So, in honor of my current situation, please join me now as we stand and make the tiki inspired Norwegian Paralysis. 

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