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$59.00 @ REI

I bought one of these lightweight bags at REI on July 4th and even modeled it for some folks at the event that afternoon. I finally got to use it a couple of weeks ago while camping down at Joe Wheeler State Park in Alabama. I have trouble finding sleeping bags for two reasons; they are often too small for my overabundant frame and when I find one that fits I burn up in it unless it is freezing outside. Well, this bag is big enough for me to wear comfortably and it is made for camping during warmer weather so I did not burn up all night. It has a couple of other features that I really like. You can unzip the bottom and pull it up around your waist to wear it in camp on cold mornings, plus it has armholes that you can unzip, so it is sort of like wearing a big “snuggle suit” when it is chilly, or at least that is how they advertise it. What I really like is that I can unzip the bottom and hang my feet out in the night, I know it sounds weird, but I do not like to sleep with my feet under the covers so this is an awesome feature for me. The other thing I really like about this bag is that it is lightweight and packs up really small for camping. I was using a lightweight fleece bag from Wal-Mart (an excellent choice @ $9.99) for summer camping and overnight hiking trips, but this bag is lighter than the fleece, will keep you warmer, and it takes up less space in your pack, of course it also costs fifty bucks more. It is available in either blue or clay, I opted for the clay since I figured it would not show dirt as readily, and it would match my tent and backpack.

Here is the “official” description from REI’s website.
This ultra-lightweight travel sack is great for international hostelling, summer camping, RVs or simply to keep in your trunk for emergencies.
* Lofty hollow-core polyester fiber insulation is warm without a lot of bulk, compresses easily for packing and continues to insulate if wet
* Unzip zipper and lay bag flat like a comforter or just unzip it partially at the foot for ventilation or to roam around camp without leaving your bag!
* Short zipper with snap tab closures creates armholes for ventilation
* Both zippers have an anti-snag backing for easy entry and exit
* Differentiated drawcords (one round, one flat) let you adjust hood and neck easily in the dark
* Also works great as a sleeping bag liner for added warmth
* Zippered chest pocket holds watch or other small items, alleviating late-night fumbling
* Nylon stuff sack included