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Cache-a-Maniacs Podcast Goes Ape

Last December I had the honor of being chosen as the final interview of the year for the Cache-a-Maniacs podcast.  We set things up and one night last November we talked for about an hour about my experiences geocaching.  It was interesting to get to tell some of the stories first hand, but what was really great was the incredible response I got from it.  I was truly amazed at how many people listened to the podcast and contacted me directly to comment on it.  I have also been surprised to find that as we travel the country attending Geo-events, just how many people introduce themselves and compliment the interview.  I have to give all the credit to DarrylW4 and Firefly03 who host the podcast, they did a great job of making me sound like I knew what I was talking about.  So many thanks to them for the interview and for hosting this great podcast.  Rather than having me type on and on about how much I enjoyed this, and how great it was, why not check it out  yourself, and after you listen to me ramble, check out some of the other interviews, there is some great stuff in there.

Cache-a-Maniacs Podcast, Episode 55- Monkeybrad

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  1. Robert

    I feel bad that I had not listened to this before this evening – the very evening before final rehearsals for one of the Halloween events mentioned.

    I’m honored to have spent enough time Inside the Mind of the Monkey (on average, we probably spend a few hours a week together, whether under the pretense of dominating local trivia contests, building pain-in-the-butt puzzles for locals, figuring out lighting for an event in the middle of a hey field, etc.) to know Brad’s expressions during this interview. He was totally genuine during this interview.

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